So as some of you know this year has not been the best for me.  Earlier in the year, thanks to the wonderful Southern Railways, I was injured on a train coming home from work.  its left me in considerable pain and has made this year difficult.

But in the tradition of 2016 the end of the year is far outweighing the beginning for misery.

A few months ago my father had a fall on the road. The hospital discharged him and sent him home but then he had another fall, and then a third.  Each time the hospital sent him home.  Then he blacked out at home and this time they diagnosed he had been having a series of heart attacks with the last one being serious.

What followed has been months of angst as his health deteriorated,then improved after a pacemaker, and then plummeted after a TAVI (heart valve insertion) that triggered a massive stroke.  I’m actually writing this post (and wrote the last) from beside his hospital bed as I wait to see if he makes it through the weekend.

But what has this got to do with getting a Powerwall.  Patience, all will be revealed…

I decided to blog earlier in the year for various reasons but a big one was wanting to give something to help the others out there in similar situations. I also wanted to leave something of myself for my daughter so maybe in years to come she could understand who I was and the things I want for her.

My Dad getting sick both pushed this to the forefront of my mind, while at the same time removed my ability to focus on in at all.  I had a little burst of activity, but that was because  my domain was expiring and I needed to get that resolved before I lost the domain. Apart from that I’ve not really had the headspace, or time to put in the effort to get this site going. Nor have I had the time to move forward with my plans for the house and the various upgrades to it I want to do.

I did however manage to pre-order a Powerwall 2. Though that was more by luck and lack of sleep then anything else.

The end of October was particularly tough for my family, Dad was very ill and we were with him round the clock while we waited for any sign that he may recover.  On my few breaks from his bedside I managed to get into Westfield shopping centre in London as it was close to the Hospital, and while there I stumbled across the Tesla showroom.  They didn’t have a Powerwall on show, but it did put it back in my mind.

At around this time the first real rumblings about Powerwall 2 came out and as I was sitting in Dads room browsing the internet I managed to actually become aware this could be the solution I was looking for.  Of course I was in no shape to actually note when the announcement was going to be, but I did know that it was going to be soon.

On the 28th of October Elon Musk took to the stage and a few hours later, when I got into the hospital to relieve my Brother for my day with Dad, there was a video with the announcement.  I logged into the Tesla site and there it was £5,400 and about £1000 to install and at 14kWh, double the previous Powerwalls capacity and exactly what I think I need.  I clicked the order button without even really contemplating what I was doing…

About 30 minutes later I realised I hadn’t consulted my wife so I sent her a text to ask if I should put a deposit down.  After what seemed the longest 4 minutes ever she replied “Yes”

I waited 4 minutes to reply to make it look good…

…she’s going to kill me when she reads this.

Part 3 to follow (if I survive my wife), Don’t let the sun go down on me – Powerwall 2 (Specifications and thoughts)