Here it is, my return to blogging, nine years after I stopped writing last time.

So why now? What do I have to talk about here that I didn’t nine years ago?

Well to cut a long story short, I’m a different person, and rather then write about the random things in my life, I want to put into words the things that have, and are, motivating me to change the way I live.  I want to make the world a better place.

Now I’m not talking about revolution here, I’ll leave that to the idealists out there who are better equipped for that.  I just want to make sure that when I look back on things I leave this world in the best way I can.

As for why now, well a few months back I was out looking at some eco houses and talking to the people there.  It turned out that not only am I not alone in thinking we need to change the way we live, but people were genuinely interested in what I had to say and the changes we have made to our lives.

I’ll write a proper entry on the Transition Town Worthing – Eco Open Houses 2016 event at some point.  Suffice to say I was inspired and this site/blog is one of the outcomes from that.

What do I have to offer?  Well the interesting thing about the Eco Open Houses event was that people have levels of expertise they have developed.  The house where they had a plumbing background had the most amazing water and heating system. The house with the gardening background had all sorts of amazing ideas for eco gardening.  As for me, I’m a techie.  I hope I can bring a tech knowledge to these pages.

Lets be honest here, in the last few years I met the Love of my Life and then was blessed to have a daughter.  One day I suddenly realised, I can’t keep screwing about, because when I am gone, she will still be here to live with my legacy.  And like any loving parent, I want her to inherit the world, not the ashes.